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Oil Change in Mentor, OH

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Why Should You Get Your Vehicle's Oil Changed?

Engine oil is an essential factor for your vehicle's engine. It helps keep engine components working smoothly together, it helps draw heat away from the combustion chamber and prevent varnishes and carbon from accumulating in your engine. Needless to say, engine oil is a vital component of your engine because, without it, it's likely to overheat and breakdown prematurely.

When Should You Get Your Mitsubishi Oil Changed?

We recommend you get your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to make sure your engine is at optimum performance. Factors like your driving style and weather conditions affect how frequently you should get your oil serviced. For example, your Mitsubishi should have its oil changed more frequently during the cold Ohio winters than in the summer. However, we recommend not exceeding 5,000 miles since your last oil change and checking your owner's manual if you're unsure about when to change your oil.

What Happens if You Don't Change your Oil?

If you avoid changing your oil, the results aren't pretty. There will begin to be buildup in the cooler parts of the engine such as the crankcase, camshafts, and valves. In result, it can lead to sludge or carbon deposits coming out of the old engine oil.

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How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

Getting your oil changed is one of the most inexpensive services you can get for your vehicle, especially at Mentor Mitsubishi. The price of your oil change at our Mentor dealership will vary based on the type of oil, but you can expect the cost of your oil change to start around $34.95.

What Does This Mitsubishi Oil Change Include?

  • Complimentary Inspection
  • Top off Fluids
  • Carwash 

Why Get Your Oil Changed By Mentor Mitsubishi?

Our Mitsubishi dealership offers premium oil changes to ensure your engine does not break down prematurely or overheat due to an oil related problem. Here at Mentor Mitsubishi, we help maintain your engine's performance with our multi-grade oil that works efficiently in hot and cold weather conditions.

Our Current Mitsubishi Oil Change Coupon

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Why is the Oil Change Light On?

Your vehicle's "oil life" is based on two things; engine conditions and accumulated engine revolutions. Your vehicle's on-board computer calculates the remaining engine oil life and alerts you on the dashboard. The on-board computer monitors engine temperature and load, trip length and total miles driven as well as vehicle and engine speed.

How Do You Reset the Oil Change Light in your Mitsubishi?

The oil and maintenance light in your Mitsubishi is a great way to remind you to get your vehicle serviced. We don't recommend you reset the oil change light until you've done the proper maintenance. However, if you've done the repairs, here are the steps to reset your oil change light.

To reset your oil change light:

  1. Make sure the ignition is off.
  2. Press the INFO button until the information screen switches to the service reminder display screen.
  3. Press and hold the INFO button for a few seconds until the wrench symbol is displayed.
  4. When the wrench symbol is flashing, press and hold the INFO button until CLEAR is displayed on the screen.
  5. Start the engine to clarify the oil change light is reset.
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